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Vessel Bridge will give you the opportunity to reorganize your handling of information. Due to a system which is based on access authorizations it is possible to let Vessel Bridge handle the distribution of information within the involved parties of the supply chain.

You have the potential to evolve your data protection as the system will take over the distribution according to your guidelines. Besides the data protection Vessel Bridge will reduce the time-consuming work.

Live Map

The 24/7 “Live-Map” will show the route and the current vessel position. Shipper accounts can see all vessels which are loaded with their cargo at first sight. The carrier accounts are able to create the suitable voyage and can keep track on their whole fleet. Besides their own vessels they could also keep track on vessels which they are interested in.

In addition to the carrier and shipper accounts the other parties like surveyor/3rd party services are able to follow up on current shipments. The tracking is based on the automatic identification system (T-AIS and S-AIS).


The shipper is able to create a list of requirements on Vessel Bridge. Requirements are like a to-do list for colleagues and other involved parties. Due to the tracking system and documentation management you are able to define the requirements based on intervals between today’s date, ETAs and ETDs.

Reminder will keep you always on track and will help you to organize even if the person in charge is on vacation.

Management of documents

Part of the centralization is also the management of documents. Vessel Bridge will enable you to upload the necessary documents and will automatically distribute them according to your fixed guidelines.
Every party involved in the shipment and has the correct authorization is able to see the document and is allowed to download them.

This also includes the submission of bill of lading instructions.

Due to our WordAddin the creation of bill of ladings will not take any redundant time anymore.


Vessel Bridge is using modern security standards for operations and hosting according to German standards.

The portal uses encryption technology to secure the communication between you and our data center. The hardware itself is stored in an air raid shelter from the second world war.

This will guarantee all customers an efficient protection against all kinds of physical threats, most modern technology used and also an emergency power supply, if necessary.

In addition to the software in hardware security Vessel Bridge offers the opportunity to search companies, persons and vessels on international sanction lists.

5 additional reasons to use Vessel Bridge

The platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on almost any device, with just a web browser and internet connection.

Due to the instant content delivery on a shared platform you can easily be up to date - even if you are not in the office.

The structure of Vessel Bridge is based on an intuitional design subdivided into different moduls.

In order to save time Vessel Bridge will help you to reduce time consuming work. One of those steps includes to reduce your e-mail traffic.

In order to guarantee an overview and a protocol of activities Vessel Bridge will show you notifications. This includes a list for each shipment which shows the time of updates and modification. Vessel Bridge additionally triggers e-mails to get the maximum attention of the involved party.